Embrace communication!

August 22, 2006

The invite requests keep coming in! Just about all of them are accepted as soon as I see them, minus a few suspicious ones. I’m having fun reading some of your pleas. :P

One thing I need to improve is the communication between us and you beta users out there. A few of you have emailed with questions or have posted in the forum, but only from a fraction of you. It seems so trivial, but I’ve yet to set up a way to send notifications to you guys! I’ll be fixing that soon.

I might also get a little bit more “in your face” about giving feedback by putting a little feedback button on your project pages. Not that the feedback we’re getting isn’t good. In fact, the feedback so far as been very positive and very helpful.

I’ve noticed the majority of projects are starting private, so it’s hard to see what you guys are up to. I might have to start getting clever and analyzing logs to figure out the aggregated use of DevjaVu. The things you guys do the most with DevjaVu need to be as slick as oil. Hopefully some of our improvements will make their way back into the Trac open source project.


5 Responses to “Embrace communication!”

  1. mirnazim Says:

    I just started a project. A private one(oops).
    The idea behind devjavu is great. Thanks for such a great service

    As far as private and commercial projects are concerned, I don’t think we sould have any problem in paying for the service as long as the service is not costly like already existing similar paid service. After all we are benifiting from your services

    I am from India. and even USD 200 per anum. is a big sum here. I may not be able to pay it.

    If you charge nominally for your services, keeping people from third worl countries in mind, I don’t think paying up is a problem.

    Hope you take my comment in good faith, and not as word from an arrogant person.


  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Not at all! Thanks for your feedback. We’re going to continune to offer free accounts, accompanied with premium accounts, something I guess we’ve yet to announce.

    Don’t worry though, I think you’ll be able to afford them. : )

  3. Mir Nazim Says:

    Thanks Jeff,

    Actually, I am a co-founder of a software company in Kashmir. XenSoft Labs (http://www.xensoftlabs.com/) and I have some shit clients that are adamant that we mail them source code and the status every week and still they are not ready to pay for any service like your’s.

    We are at absolute begining stage, so each penny counts. After searching for few months I got to ur site.

    Once again thanks.

  4. NickV Says:

    New reply to an old post… keepin the past fresh. =)

    Hey Jeff, you may want to add an opt-in option for closed source accounts that allows you to peek in on the development and usage directly, rather than just analyzing logs. Certainly there are some users who would enjoy freely sharing their usage if it meant getting even better service in return. Make sure you cater to their desire for privacy and assure the users that you won’t distribute their work.

  5. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Hey, great idea! I was thinking about that a while back. Thanks for the suggestion. : )

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