More invite requests

September 2, 2006

It seems like they’re getting better and better. How could you say no to this?

I find Pepsi products to be more flavorful than Coke, to be honest. Pepsi just has better drinks in general; Mountain Dew is the shit. Then again, Sprite IS mighty tasty. My buddy Zowch said this site is “mucho awesome.” Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish so I have no idea what that means, so I decided to sign up so I could see for myself. I’ve always wanted to be bilingual anyways.

Here’s a couple more from a while back that I liked.

My mission is to reverse the declining average level of happiness in the USA. This downward slide had been occuring for decades. Quick and simple Trac hosting would save me some time, and make me personally happier. Also, ninjas are awesome.

My entire fate depends on having source control for my university project. This is a life or death call… and it’s in your hands.

See how that last one makes me feel important? :P


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