Trac spam

November 10, 2006

Getting spam on Trac really validates its popularity, however it’s no fun at all. A few projects have gotten attacked by spam and have requested help to deal with it. Unfortunately, the version of Trac we’re running has no spam filtering support. Version 0.10 does and we’re hoping that we can get some Akismet on the job in our upcoming upgrade (more on that soon).

As a temporary solution, we’ve installed a plugin that will allow you to delete tickets or ticket changes. This is definitely not encouraged as general practice, but until we have spam filtering in place it’ll do the job. In the Admin section, you should now have new links under Ticket System for deleting ticket changes and whole tickets by ID.

For those of you with private projects that don’t have to worry about spam, try to ignore those links until we’ve deployed 0.10 with spam filtering.

Again, this is a temporary feature for dealing with and cleaning out spam, so don’t become reliant on it. : )


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