Getting serious

November 20, 2006

In about a week we’ll be deploying what’s basically a completely rewritten DevjaVu based on Trac 0.10! Along with all the greatness of Trac 0.10, this update is going to give you automatic spam filtering, commit message triggers, and wiki enhancements. Most importantly though, it should open the floodgate to more long awaited features, fixes, and of course, our premium packages.

You see, what we have live now is really just mature prototype code. For the most part it gets the job done, but without things like a proper vendor branch, it’s almost impossible to upgrade Trac. That’s the reason we’ve been on Trac 0.9 for so long.

This newly engineered version uses Rake for the build process of setting up and installing Trac and its plugins. I have got to say that Rake is great. We also use Rake to automate a lot of our system management processes. I just automated our deployment process with Capistrano, which makes it all the more easier and quicker for us to get out new features and fixes. If you have the means, I highly recommend trying Rake and Capistrano for even non-Ruby projects.

Anyway, see you in about a week with the new release and some more exciting announcements. Our traffic keeps climbing, invitaton pleas keep rolling in, and the feedback has been great. The best part is we haven’t even gotten started yet…


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