Upgrade successful, now onward!

November 29, 2006

Your projects are now powered by Trac 0.10.2, but more importantly, our new software platform. As I said before, this new platform will make adding new features and performing Trac upgrades much easier. From here on, you should see much more progress in terms of new features.

Hopefully by February we’ll be ready to release our premium packages, which are going to provide you with a lot more functionality in terms of customization, security, and plugins. When that happens, a few things are going to change with new free accounts, including text ads on the wiki for public projects, commit access will be limited to 3 users, and attachments will be disabled. Existing free accounts, which are all existing projects, will be retrofitted with these limitations, minus the commit access limit.

Some of the things to look forward to in our premium packages include full SSL, template customization, fully custom domain names, access to Subversion hooks, optional Trac plugins, and more. Other things we’re looking at are encrypted filesystems and decentralized version control systems like Mercurial and Bazaar. For those that are wondering, we’re never going to support CVS. ; )

Getting back to the upgrade, it went without issue on our end, but please let us know if you run into any new issues because of the upgrade. Send your issues to help@devjavu.com and we’ll get back to you most likely immediately.


One Response to “Upgrade successful, now onward!”

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