Email recently going to /dev/null

December 29, 2006

This last weekend I decided to finally build a prototype I’ve been trying to find time for since before DevjaVu. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anywhere to put it but the DevjaVu production server (sorry!) and because of its email hackery, plus a silly DNS setting, it started eating up all email sent to without leaving a trace. I didn’t realize it until today, but it still might not be fixed until the new DNS stuff propagates.

So if you’ve sent any emails to in the past week, you might want to give it another shot. We also have forums available that are actively read, so you can always go there as well when you need something.

What I built might interest some of you though. It’s called Mailhook and it lets you setup a virtual mail host that will post any email it receives via HTTP to a URL you specify, allowing you to very easily start accepting email in your applications. It’s still early and doesn’t support email headers or attachments, but those are coming soon.

But again, sorry for letting zealous invention get in the way of DevjaVu service. :P


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