DevjaVu Usage

February 28, 2007

Unlike SourceForge and Google, we don’t care if your project is open source or not. We encourage open source (and we’re working on ways to discount open source projects with our pricing model), but we understand not all projects are right for open source. We don’t see why we should exclude anybody that’s writing software and could benefit from our service.

This goes especially for personal projects. In fact, that might be the truly underserved portion of the market, which is silly because that’s where a lot of passion can be found. And if we can easily let you “scale” from a private personal project to an open source or commercial project, that’s a win for everybody.

DevjaVu Usage

As of today, personal projects make up the majority of projects started with DevjaVu. That might just be because personal projects are what most people are ready to try something new with, but I hope that DevjaVu continues to serve the personal project market well. With that said, I don’t see why we can’t do well across all these project types.

What I’m curious about is what kinds of projects are “Other?”


One Response to “DevjaVu Usage”

  1. Chris Says:

    We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys have in mind for your pricing and when you’re thinking about ‘opening shop.’

    It’s killing me waiting for a beta invitation! I’ve had to slap my hand a hundred times today to keep myself from ordering a TextDrive account just for Subversion hosting.

    Hopefully you guys are close or can swing a beta invite until you come out with pay plans.

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