More from the plea bin

March 13, 2007

I thought these were great:

It’s either this or our IT department will make me use Sharepoint. Please help me. For the love of god, have mercy.

Changing the world, making a buck, the virtues are endless, with any luck. We’re tired of our home dirs being full up with junk, so could you host our dev work and help us not suck?

For the love of God, give me an account. I need to feed my 10 kids, and how can I do it without Source Control? Actually, I don’t have that kids yet, but heck! how do you think I can get a girl without putting my project on DevjaVu?

while (true) { print “Thank you!”; }


3 Responses to “More from the plea bin”

  1. Arikon Says:

    Great! =)

  2. Marcos Eliziário Says:

    I am the guy with 10 kids. Thanks for giving me an account. Let me say that I already feel more confident with girls, now that I have a svn/trac at devjavu account to brag about with them.
    I’ll send you a card when my first kid is born.

  3. meatcan Says:

    Wow, you published my poem and gave me an account!?

    Gee willikers, I owe y’all a mighty big beer :)

    Thanks for the invite anyway, djv has been invaluable!

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