Possible downtime tonight

March 13, 2007

Tonight at 12pm PST you may experience a bit of downtime as we do a major upgrade. It includes a minor upgrade of Trac to version and a longer auth cookie expiration, but what could cause downtime is upgrading your project data to our new namespace architecture. It shouldn’t be more than an hour.


8 Responses to “Possible downtime tonight”

  1. Joel Moss Says:

    Since the upgrade, I have been unable to commit my changes to SVN. I get this error:

    Commit failed
    MERGE request failed on /tooum/trunk
    pre-commit hook failed with error output:
    File /data/devjavu/releases/20070314071237/trac/share/scripts/user-hook.py line 17
    IOError: No such file or directory: /data/devjavu/releases/20070314071237/projects/trac/tooum//conf/trac.ini

    I couldn’t find where to get support, so I hope you don’t mind me posting here.


  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Thanks for catching that. We took care of it a few hours ago. You can email us or post in the forums if you find anything else. : )

  3. Joel Moss Says:

    Thanks, but where are the forums?

  4. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    There should be link on your project page, but right now it’s only for project owners, so if you’re not, I guess it’s not very visible. But they’re at http://devjavu.jellybb.com

  5. Al Murauski Says:

    Hi, I’ve got Forbidden.

    Error * PROPFIND request failed on ‘/alconost/website’ PROPFIND of ‘/alconost/website’: 403 Forbidden (http://svn.devjavu.com)

    Could you please help?

  6. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello Jeff, I’ve got Forbidden too.

    svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/prestesmachado’
    svn: PROPFIND of ‘/prestesmachado’: 403 Forbidden (http://svn.devjavu.com)

  7. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Things are getting fixed as we speak.

  8. Victor Says:

    I’m having the same problem…

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