Offering consulting, and a new logo!

April 3, 2007

New DevjaVu logo

Tonight we’ve unveiled our new logo designed by Tamiko Rast, one of our friends at Rasteroids Design.  It’s a new ninja and it was hard to capture the same character of the original, but I think she did a pretty good job. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the original ninja for long since we just found it on the web and couldn’t find the author. Plus, this one is vectorized and has a simpler shape, so it’s much better suited for a logo. Tamiko also has a much better eye for typography, so we were able to drop the ever-so-bland Arial Black.

In other news, we’ve started offering our Trac and SVN ninja skills on a consulting basis. Not sure about hosting with us? Already have your own local install? You can still take advantage of our expertise so you can continue to focus on your code fu. We offer training, support, integration, and migration around Trac and/or Subversion, as well as custom development for Trac.

We’re local to the San Francisco bay area, but we can provide remote assistance when possible anywhere in the world so long as you can put up with our excellent English. Feel free to contact us to get some help or setup something more.

Slightly more information here.


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