Recent downtime, holding off on new projects

May 10, 2007

Since the original prototype was launched about a year ago, there hasn’t been a down month in traffic. Every month we’ve gotten more and more beta users and the growth just seems to come out of the sky. Obviously, you guys have been talking about DevjaVu because we don’t do any real marketing. We really appreciate that, so we’ve been inviting just about everybody that comes knocking.

However, just at the point where we’re trying to get out our premium plans, we’re starting to hit the limits of what we can handle without doing more refactoring. The recent problems we’ve been having have showed us this, and we’re sorry if we’ve affected your development. Our goal is to stay out of your way and help you focus on getting things done, so when this happens it’s counter-productive for both of us.

The problem we had this morning was triggered by our new backup scheme, which malfunctioned and used up more space than it should. This led our disk to get filled up and write operations to both our user and permission stores failed and got corrupted. We had to restore our user database and regenerate our SVN authorization file. This caught an old project with a legacy bug and killed SVN authorization, hence the Forbidden error.

We’ve since recovered and more than doubled our disk space thanks to the awesome guys at Engine Yard. We now have to go in and refactor some of these pieces so that this kind of chain reaction can’t happen again. We’re also hoping to get a beta of our Basic premium plan released to our current beta users by the end of the month.

It’s definitely a tough balance to move forward enough to be able to generate revenue, while also refactoring to maintain system integrity. We really appreciate you all holding out while we slowly become the most awesome developer tool in the world.

So for now we’re going to hold back on letting new projects in and focus on making the DevjaVu innards more ninja-like. Then we’ll see if we can get some of you guys to try our first premium plan. It’ll be hard to turn away beta users though, especially with pleas like this one:

my boss wants me to work with some pirates on a new project, but I don’t trust their swashbuckling ways, and I know I’ll have to roll back a lot of their changes. I h-a-t-e pirates, and I reckon the best thing to do is get ninja-hosted SVN–that’ll teach ’em!


One Response to “Recent downtime, holding off on new projects”

  1. Far Says:

    Thanks for the great service, but I can’t support your business with pirates. Ninja’s doing business with pirates is just unnatural.

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