Fun with tracd clusters

June 2, 2007

Actually it wasn’t all that fun. Thanks for putting up with the random Trac outages. We’ve reverted back to CGI based Trac to keep things stable again until we can make sure tracd clusters work without dying all the time. We would have reverted back sooner, but we needed enough information in the production environment to debug back in development.

To explain this in full technical detail, we have Adrian Perez, an up and coming writer of children stories:

Once upon a time, I had some fish. They used Trac, but they all died. Then there was a picture of some fish, eating insects and larva. But they died to. It was a fanciful time for all, said the Fox. I knew that would happen said the Dog. I couldn’t tell however, as I was precipitously on the shitter. Sorry kids. It was only a mistake. Before that though there was obviously an outage to say the least. I popped it. Brace with the hips when using Subversion. I could tell you about the events of this tremulous time, but if I were to, Ninjas, as always, would attack. Most of the server outages are actually Ninja based or related. In the time of Pirates, I tried to count them all, but they were legion.

Thanks for being such awesome beta users!


2 Responses to “Fun with tracd clusters”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for being such awesome service providers! (I pluralize that for the sake of the sentence, even knowing that it’s only you…I think?)

  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    No, there’s three of us. Maybe more at some point. Thanks though! :)

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