First day of full-time DevjaVu

September 4, 2007

Today was the first day of working on DevjaVu full-time on the money we raised from our friends. The plan is to immediately monetize the service and generate revenue as soon as possible. That should happen within a month. After that, we’re going to be releasing lots and lots of fixes and tweaks, with some major new features now and then. We’ll also be preparing for a game changing new leg to the DevjaVu offering that our next round of funding will pay to build.

I’d love to get into more, but I’m actually pretty tired from discussing our working agenda for the next week, month, and 6 months all day. A few minor things that will happening soon is that we’ll be moving our forum to a new server where we can better manage it, prevent spam and get notifications of new messages. Our blog might also migrate to the new server, but we’ll see. We’ve got some hookups at WordPress, so we might not want to leave just yet.

Anyway, I hope to post quite a bit more here. I might as well since we also have shareholders to communicate with as well. What should be good news to you guys is that they’re all really awesome programmers and all use DevjaVu.


One Response to “First day of full-time DevjaVu”

  1. Lloyd Budd Says:

    Congratulations on taking the big step!

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