DevjaVu Web API

October 23, 2007

Recently we enabled XML-RPC access to your Trac projects. Not only does this mean you can use the advanced features of external Trac interfaces such as Mylyn for Eclipse (previously known as Mylar), but of course that you can have programmatic access to your tickets, wiki, search and milestones.

You can see all the exposed functions by going to /login/xmlrpc on your project and authenticating via HTTP if necessary. This is the URL you would use to give other programs access to your Trac, including your own. Here are some examples of using the API with Python.

We really value having lots of inputs and outputs as a web service, so we’re glad to finally make this API available. We also have web hooks that allow you to trigger your own scripts when commits happen. Just check out the Hooks section of your Admin.

Over time, we look forward to exposing more via API and hooks. One possibility is to expose SVN operations via API, so that you can programmatically use and control your repository. Imagine powering a website using the DevjaVu wiki as a content management system and exposing your repository to users via an easy to use web interface that accepts and versions the contents of zip files.

We love API’s because they open up the possibility to build great things easily. We hope you can come up with some creative uses of our API. Let us know if there’s anything else in particular you’d like exposed!


2 Responses to “DevjaVu Web API”

  1. Boris Says:

    This is great guys, don’t know what I’ll use the API for yet, but it certainly opens up some possibilities.

    Unrelated question; the export seems to have broken post the WSGI upgrade (Trac detected an internal error). Any ideas?

    Rock on,
    – Boris

  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    That should be fixed in our next big upgrade happening most likely tonight.

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