Ugliness averted

December 7, 2007

That’s better. Not perfect, but nothing will look as good in IE. At least I got to brush up on the timeless art of cross-browser styling.

Actually I think I cheated because I just used conditional styles for IE and IE7. Anyway, this has been a nice reminder that we still have to think about IE (in fact, in two flavors now). I’m really happy to get back to non-browser issues now.

Hope you guys are enjoying the free accounts and spreading the word. They won’t last long!


One Response to “Ugliness averted”

  1. Lance Fisher Says:

    I never noticed a problem. I use IE7 which does have support for .png transparency. Hopefully IE6 will go away soon. In the meantime, I think that conditional comments to link in stylesheets are the way to go. They are an IE-specific fix for an IE-specific problem.

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