Recovered from Subversion outage

October 9, 2008

Early this morning the Subversion authorization configuration for many of our projects became corrupted, preventing access to those repositories. Unfortunately, I am a major bottleneck in response to DevjaVu service emergencies. This happened to coincide with me moving and not having Internet access, and this morning having my phone die without being able to charge it. I didn’t know there was a problem until very late into the emergency and I wasn’t able to get online to do anything about it until even later.

Obviously this is a terrible excuse for a full day of service interruption. I do the best I can with the resources I have, but I know this is unacceptable. Particularly the lack of communication while handling it. That’s an easy one to fix for next time. I’ll also be looking at hiring a part-time emergency technician and putting together an SLA for premium users.

Not to mention the cause of this outage should not be possible when we migrate to our new system that’s been in development for some time. I want to share more about that soon, but for now I’d just like to appologize for this outage and the lack of communication regarding it.


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