DevjaVu will be shutting down

May 1, 2009

Over the next few months, DevjaVu will be winding down and eventually shutting down. We’ll try to hold on as long as possible, but we don’t have the money to run more than a few months unless we work something out with Engine Yard (perhaps go down to one slice). We highly recommend you start migrating off as soon as possible. A more concrete end of service date will be announced soon.

You have access to your SVN repo and Trac instance in the Admin under Export. If your repository is too big to export, we can do the export for you and give you a link to download. Just contact if that’s the case. If worse comes to worse and we do have to shut down before everybody is off, we’ll give plenty of warning and then provide downloadable exports of everybody’s projects linked in an email to the project owner once the service is off.

This is the first time I’ve had to do anything like this, so if you have any feedback on handling this in a better way, let me know. I’d love to give a detailed explanation of what’s going on, but I think I’m going to hold off until the final day. In short: the business never got the momentum I wanted to sustain my personal interest, so while running at breakeven worked so-so for so long, it finally started dying and has been losing money for a while. I started an effort to save it, but I decided I did not want to continue supporting this type of service.

Sorry everybody! I would have liked this to be less of a surprise than it is for some of you, which could have been avoided if I better communicated with you guys up to this point. If you have questions or concerns, email me at


24 Responses to “DevjaVu will be shutting down”

  1. Keehun Nam Says:

    Would you be interested in releasing the code that ran DevJavu? It seems such a gem for it to go under..

  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Yes! I think that’s what’s going to happen. Details later. ;)

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Very sad to hear the news! I do have several stagnant projects on DevjaVu still, but one is active so I’m sorry to have to move it.

    Thank you for the great service and great product — it fit my needs perfectly, and you should be proud of all you accomplished.

  4. Pete Says:

    It’s a shame, you guys were great!

  5. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Thank you, guys!

  6. DP Says:

    Any interest in sharing how big your customer base actually was?

  7. Kevin Lewis Says:

    I’m sorry to see DevjaVu going away. Jeff, thank you for your service and I wish you luck on any upcoming ventures you have.

    I’ve already started looking for a new repository (there are a ton out there).

    Is it possible to export the Wiki portion of my project? I see how I can get a text version of each page (or I can edit each page to view the wiki source and just copy it of course), but I’d like to just export the whole thing.


  8. Jeff,

    Sorry to hear!

    I’d like to say thank you very much for hosting my personal repository! It is/was pleasure to you this great Trac/SVN installation.



  9. […] DevjaVu will be shutting down Over the next few months, DevjaVu will be winding down and eventually shutting down. We’ll try to hold on as long […] […]

  10. dmail Says:

    I am sorry to hear this Jeff, the service you provided I always found top notch. Thank you for hosting and also for the advanced notice of the closure. Good luck on your future ventures.

  11. sirrocco Says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re pulling the plug. Better luck next time :).

    I too would be interested in how large the customer base had become and what were the costs involved. That’s if you don’t mind sharing.

  12. Mapache Says:


    Those are not good moments for startups…

    Currently the service is down, and i’m planning the migration of my project.

    Any news about it?

  13. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    I believe Engine Yard might be experiencing an outage. I’m looking into it.

  14. wyrmmage Says:

    I’m sorry to bug you through comments, but I’ve emailed you a couple of times a few days ago about backing up our project so that I can download it (it’s rather large) and I haven’t received any replies yet; just wondering if the emails got through :)

    (The project’s name is WaW, BTW)


  15. bypeOpery Says:

    Interesting page,, i will come back!

  16. nAcho Says:

    Great project. Good luck

  17. HI looks very interesting! bookmarked your blog. john brightman

  18. Esfand Says:

    Thank you Jeff for providing an excellent service. For over two years, I’ve heavily been using Devjavu’s services without even a single significant problem (and embarrassingly without paying a penny). I wish you success in your next project.

  19. Arjan Molenaar Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    A bit late maybe, but I want to thank you for everything. Good luck on your next project.

  20. vlood Says:


    I found your service recommended on several different places in the Net and felt awfully when read this post.

    Have you released the code of the project under any open licenses and if not, do you intend to do that? I’m the founder of a soft-dev. hackerspace (check and such a great project could do the change in the work of all our projects we do together in init Lab.

    Feel free to contact me!

  21. Edda Jessee Says:

    Haloadmin I love with ur article . May i use this posting for my university test ? thanks adminstrator

  22. m@m.m Says:

    bidding war commence!

  23. Says:

    searching devjavu returns;
    DevjaVu Blog | No bullshit software project hosting
    May 15, 2009 … No bullshit software project hosting (by Jeff Lindsay)

    all i see is bullshit. wtf!? that was a big promise

  24. […] ago, the people running DevjaVu let us know that they were shutting the service down. It’s unfortunate, but they cannot be faulted. They’re still running now, but […]

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