About DevjaVu

DevjaVu is a small startup in San Jose, California with the purpose of encouraging people to start projects and change the world. We want to lower the barrier to entry that comes with the idea of starting a new software project by making it as easy as possible to jump right in and focus on making it happen. It’s about as simple as that.

We feel DevjaVu is a great fit for both open source projects and private internal projects. Our ideal use is for any project of passion. We want to be the next place you go after registering the domain for your next software project, big or small.

You shouldn’t have to worry about setting up project infrastructure, and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying somebody like us to do it for you. We try to offer as much as we can for free. Our premium accounts are for people that want more than usual or don’t fit the profile of the average project, yet we still make them affordable.

The point is, you shouldn’t have to worry about these things, you should be busy getting things done!

4 Responses to “About DevjaVu”

  1. ecards Says:

    You guys need more visibility, took me hours of researching solutions but DevjaVu is the first service during my searching to win a real test drive. Good luck going forward –

  2. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    Oh thanks! We’re working on it. ;)

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