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DevjaVu will be shutting down

May 1, 2009

Over the next few months, DevjaVu will be winding down and eventually shutting down. We’ll try to hold on as long as possible, but we don’t have the money to run more than a few months unless we work something out with Engine Yard (perhaps go down to one slice). We highly recommend you start migrating off as soon as possible. A more concrete end of service date will be announced soon.

You have access to your SVN repo and Trac instance in the Admin under Export. If your repository is too big to export, we can do the export for you and give you a link to download. Just contact if that’s the case. If worse comes to worse and we do have to shut down before everybody is off, we’ll give plenty of warning and then provide downloadable exports of everybody’s projects linked in an email to the project owner once the service is off.

This is the first time I’ve had to do anything like this, so if you have any feedback on handling this in a better way, let me know. I’d love to give a detailed explanation of what’s going on, but I think I’m going to hold off until the final day. In short: the business never got the momentum I wanted to sustain my personal interest, so while running at breakeven worked so-so for so long, it finally started dying and has been losing money for a while. I started an effort to save it, but I decided I did not want to continue supporting this type of service.

Sorry everybody! I would have liked this to be less of a surprise than it is for some of you, which could have been avoided if I better communicated with you guys up to this point. If you have questions or concerns, email me at


Temporarily closing free project registration

November 2, 2008

Hey everybody!

I know things have been pretty quiet. Man, it’s tough running a service like this on your own. Don’t worry though, things should start ramping up soon with all the things set in motion behind the scenes.

It’s funny too though because DevjaVu is getting more free signups than ever. It’s funny because free project registration requires an invite code. I know we have a public invite code that anybody can use, but it still means people are going out of their way to search for an invite code.

Unfortunately, we’re dealing with some growing pains and we’re getting a lot of heavy load on our servers from Subversion usage. We’ve got an interesting plan to solve this (which I shouldn’t talk about yet), but for now and because our registration process has been somewhat flaky, we’re going to turn off the invite code for free projects in the next 48 hours. This means you won’t be able to signup for new projects until our big re-release.

Now about that… basically we’re repositioning the DevjaVu service and so it’s going to be renamed and the pricing structure will change a bit. It’s also getting a brand spanking new look both on the site and the default project theme. And if things go as planned, we’ll be releasing with a completely open free project plan.

So yes, after a period of stagnation we have changes abound coming up. But for now, we’re closing free project registration within the next 48 hours. Sorry guys!


User invitation system finally released

March 1, 2008

One of the biggest usability issues with DevjaVu has been inviting new users to your project. Luckily, most of you were smart enough to figure it out and/or put up with the difficulty. The downside of that has been that I’ve been able to put it off for so long. Today we have a solution in the form of a Users section in the Admin. You can now invite users by email and they will get a link to either register if they’re new or login if they have an account.

The main caveat is that you have to invite users into a group. New projects are created with three default groups: admins, developers, and viewers. Older projects might not have groups. If you run into any problems, please let us know.

As a side note, tonight Engine Yard will be moving us to a new load balancer, so there may be some brief downtime after midnight PST. This should relieve some of the recent issues with large checkouts/exports hanging.


Email masking for anonymous users

January 24, 2008

This one has been coming for a long time. We now mask email addresses to anonymous users in a way that actually destroys the ability to use the email, while still making it obvious enough who the user is. I guess you could call it the Google approach. We take the last two characters off the username before the domain and replace them with periods, much like on Google Groups. For example: becomes

This should hopefully help you feel safer using an email address as your username. We still intend to build an alias system so that you can have short, non-email usernames for your projects, but we have to put that one off for a bit.


RSS feeds for private projects work now

January 15, 2008

Assuming your reader can do basic auth, follow redirects, and store cookies… they should work. Besides some of the simple aesthetic changes done recently (and you might notice new free accounts have text ads), I spent a big chunk of today trying to get RSS feeds and iCal for private projects working. The problem was that Trac would not properly tell feed readers to send authentication credentials, so trying to add the URL would fail because of permissions.

Turns out a long while back a patch was made to help solve the issue by allowing any URL to be prepended with /login (for example /timeline would become /login/timeline) and this would prompt you to enter authentication credentials, log you in and redirect you to the appropriate URL.

This works, and should work for you with most readers. Unfortunately Google Reader and Calendar don’t seem to work with anything that requires authentication, but I tried with Netvibes and and they work just fine. Let me know how it works with other readers.


New helpdesk and forum

December 20, 2007

We just launched a simple Helpdesk project that we’re going to be using in place of Mojo Helpdesk. Hopefully its wiki will grow into a useful user resource and support knowledgebase. We don’t have much on it now, but we’ll be adding some of the commonly discussed issues up there. Eventually we’ll get some sort of feature wish list poll on there too. Feel free to make changes to the wiki using your DevjaVu user account. All users have permission to work with the wiki and tickets.

We also launched a forum replacement using Google Groups. Since we don’t need a forum as featurefull as PunBB and the Troubleshooting section was being used for support issues when we have better channels, we’ve set up a simple discussion forum for users that wish to participate in community chatter. The old PunBB forum will be around for a while at, but all links have been changed to point to, which will take you the DevjaVu Users group.

By the way, we really like Google Groups and highly recommend it for your mailing list and forum needs. If you need several “forums” you can always create separate groups.


Spam protection engaged again

December 18, 2007

We finally got the spam filter working again. There may have been a bit of weirdness as our slices rotated into the new egg cache. Hopefully nobody got hit too badly. I really recommend anybody with a public project to disable anonymous ticket creating/appending permissions.

At the very least get an Akismet API key you can just drop into our plugin. You can do this by making an account at and grabbing the API key from your user profile and just pasting it into our Akismet form in the Admin.

 I wish we could afford a commercial license to provide Akismet transparently to everybody, but we can’t right now. : (


Stay safe against spammers

December 17, 2007

We currently have the SpamFilter plugin disabled, which means we have no protection against spammers. Public projects should be advised to turn off anonymous wiki and ticket create/append permissions until we can figure out what’s wrong with SpamFilter. 


Free projects and winter makeover!

December 4, 2007

The other night we deployed a new site. Actually, it’s the same site, it just looks different. It also has a slightly better signup process, something we’re still working on. Ideally it would be as simple and convenient as possible, since it’s the same process you’d go through to set up a free project…

Which reminds me, we’re going to open up free projects for a while. We’re going to do this by providing a master invite code for a limited time. You can use it to start free projects right now!

Just use johnny5 as the invite code when you select the Free plan. You’ll get an email confirmation and link to your new project almost immediately. You better get started now, this is a limited time offer available until the end of the year!


Premium plans are here!

October 27, 2007

We’ve upgraded successfully and our premium accounts are ready for sale! It took a bit of downtime this morning, mostly for special backups, but we’re ready for business now. You can start spreading the word and join us in a ninja dance. Don’t worry, I think ninjas dance a lot like programmers… that is to say, they don’t. However I could be stereotyping.

Anyway, enjoy the new website, give feedback, and look forward to lots of new developments.