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User invitation system finally released

March 1, 2008

One of the biggest usability issues with DevjaVu has been inviting new users to your project. Luckily, most of you were smart enough to figure it out and/or put up with the difficulty. The downside of that has been that I’ve been able to put it off for so long. Today we have a solution in the form of a Users section in the Admin. You can now invite users by email and they will get a link to either register if they’re new or login if they have an account.

The main caveat is that you have to invite users into a group. New projects are created with three default groups: admins, developers, and viewers. Older projects might not have groups. If you run into any problems, please let us know.

As a side note, tonight Engine Yard will be moving us to a new load balancer, so there may be some brief downtime after midnight PST. This should relieve some of the recent issues with large checkouts/exports hanging.


Spam protection engaged again

December 18, 2007

We finally got the spam filter working again. There may have been a bit of weirdness as our slices rotated into the new egg cache. Hopefully nobody got hit too badly. I really recommend anybody with a public project to disable anonymous ticket creating/appending permissions.

At the very least get an Akismet API key you can just drop into our plugin. You can do this by making an account at and grabbing the API key from your user profile and just pasting it into our Akismet form in the Admin.

 I wish we could afford a commercial license to provide Akismet transparently to everybody, but we can’t right now. : (


Engine Yard Maintenance Notification

September 20, 2007

Engine Yard, our host, will be taking a 2 – 4 hour maintenance this Sunday September 23rd at 12:05 AM Pacific (GMT -8). Therefore, DevjaVu may be down for a bit Sunday night. They will be installing new load balancers on our cluster. They’re calling a 2 – 4 hour maintenance but expect only about 15 minutes of downtime while the network is re-configured to allow for the new machines.