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New helpdesk and forum

December 20, 2007

We just launched a simple Helpdesk project that we’re going to be using in place of Mojo Helpdesk. Hopefully its wiki will grow into a useful user resource and support knowledgebase. We don’t have much on it now, but we’ll be adding some of the commonly discussed issues up there. Eventually we’ll get some sort of feature wish list poll on there too. Feel free to make changes to the wiki using your DevjaVu user account. All users have permission to work with the wiki and tickets.

We also launched a forum replacement using Google Groups. Since we don’t need a forum as featurefull as PunBB and the Troubleshooting section was being used for support issues when we have better channels, we’ve set up a simple discussion forum for users that wish to participate in community chatter. The old PunBB forum will be around for a while at, but all links have been changed to point to, which will take you the DevjaVu Users group.

By the way, we really like Google Groups and highly recommend it for your mailing list and forum needs. If you need several “forums” you can always create separate groups.