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DevjaVu is presenting at STIRR

September 12, 2006


devjavu: if apple did sourceforge

David Reid:

apple is doing sourceforge though
trac and svn and wordpress


so it is a lot like if apple did sourceforge!

Tomorrow evening in San Francisco, I’m going to be pitching DevjaVu at STIRR, a mixer for investors and entrepreneurs. CNET’s Editor at large, Rafe Needleman, will be introducing the presenters. He emailed us asking if we can do a Hollywood-style five second hook before our actual 60 second pitches, something along the lines of “It’s like MySpace, but it doesn’t make your eyes bleed.”

Now that I think I’ve got my real pitch down (whew!), I’ve been playing with ideas for this quick one-liner. “If Apple did Sourceforge” is one I like, but I might go with something like “Sourceforge stupidly simple.” What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? : )